My Tech Stack In 2020

Take a look at my 2020 tech stack. these are the tools that help me maximize my daily workflow and keep me going.

I’m not paranoid, you’re paranoid!

In honor of Data Privacy Day, here is the latest rant… Today is #DataPrivacyDay2020 – The advancement of technology and the ability to use your data to create personalized experiences that create less friction in your life is absolutely incredible. I am blown away on a daily basis by tech founders I know and the […]

What Jerry Weintraub Taught Me

Here are things Jerry Weintraub taught me in his book When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead. PS – if you haven’t read this book, go buy it now!

Not Everyone Is A CEO

chris farley not everyone is a ceo

Why does everyone want the title of CEO in a company? ​

​​Is it prestige? Is it ego? Or do some people that want the title actually have a real sense of being best for the job and knowing they can be great at it?

Of course, it’s a great title! Who doesn’t want to say, “Hi, I’m CEO of KickAss Company ABC?” But I’ve got news for you kid — Not everyone should be CEO.