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Upcoming Virtual Talk – 16 Jan 2021

I’m giving a free talk, in partnership with SCORE, where I’ll go over an Introduction to marketing. It’s a virtual even in 16 Jan 2021 at 9am PST. See you there 🤙


Cypherpunks and Bitcoin

Escaping the conversation of Bitcoin and Crypto is inevitable at this point. This isn’t a blog post about Bitcoin really, though. As I dive deeper into Crypto research, I came across this subset of HODL-ers (Hold On For Dear Life) called CYPHERPUNKS.

Alex Medick Thinking Emoji

25 Beliefs Going Into 2021

The other day, I poured myself a glass of whiskey and wrote down 25 of my beliefs in tech, and a few on life, going into 2021.


My 2020 Reading List

Wow, what a year. There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said a million times so I’ll just say this – be kind, be



I’ve decided not to go after New Years Resolutions, and instead, start focusing on yearly intentions. These are self-improvement and life-improvement actions I want to

Roads - A Life Ramble from Alex Medick


I’ve always felt conflicted about who I am. Who I think I am. Who I really am. Who I’m supposed to be. And who others

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