The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

The aggregation of marginal gains.

It’s a line that has really resonated with me from the book Atomic Habits.

I’m currently reading it as part of the first community book club of the year.

And this damn line that was in there.. Well, it just won’t leave my mind. 

The aggregation of marginal gains

I think it’s stuck with me because it’s made me admit to myself that I’ve fallen into the habit of focusing too much on the immediate line of sight. In life, and probably in work too. 

I don’t zoom out enough. I’m too busy wearing my blinders to get to that next corner on the track.

I get so focused that I can’t see the progress.

This has to stop. And now that I see it, I know it has to go. Zooming out will only help me be better in all areas of life.  

I need to start to celebrate the little wins. I need to smile at the micro-victories. 

I need to zoom out dammit. 

While sometimes it feels like the world is spinning so fast that you’re just running in circles, the truth is, you’re making great strides if you would just zoom out and look. 

At the end of the day, it all adds up.

Little milestones and wins, done consistently, equals incredible progress over time. 

The aggregation of marginal gains.



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