Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the absolutely greatest platform to connect with your audience and establish a connection. It is also the greatest platform for advertising – the ability to create personalized ads for your audience and drive a desired action.

If you’re not using social media to help grow your business, now is the time to do it!

Why is now the time? Let’s hop on a 15-minute phone call and discuss why Social is important and why you need it, now. Send me an email and let’s get this conversation started.

Services Include





2020 Social Media Stats

2.3 Billion
Monthly Active Users

1 Billion
Monthly Active Users

360 Million
Monthly Active Users

675 Million
Monthly Active Users

2 Billion
Monthly Active Users

The Certifications

Hootsuite Social Media Certification Alex Medick
Hootsuite Certified Professional Alex Medick
Hootsuite Advanced Social Advertising Certification Alex Medick
Hootsuite Social Advocacy Certification Alex Medick
Hootsuite Social Selling Certification Alex Medick
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