Remote (Distributed) Work Resources

These are the best of times, these are the worst of times, and things have forever changed. As COVID-19 roars throughout the world, we are all forced to re-imagine how we work and how we get things done. With states and cities around the U.S. shutting down, the greatest remote work experiment is now upon us.

Now, I am very aware that people have a hard time with the understanding of remote work and that it is a viable option to conduct business, but I have new for you. For 90% of businesses out there, remote work can, and does, work! The biggest hurdle isn’t everyone being distributed but shifting your mindset to how you communicate and interact with your team. 

Let me start by saying I am a huge advocate for remote work and I hope that you really take this time to try a new way of business – you might find that this actually increases productivity and cuts down on costs.

To help you with your introduction to remote work, I have compiled a massive list of resources that you can read, listen to, and watch. Also, I’ve listed my favorite remote tools below for you to check out… Why are they my favorite? Because they are affordable, easy to use, reliable and simple – no crazy learning curve, incredibly intuitive. 

If you need help discovering remote work or getting your team set up for success, feel free to reach out – or @AlexJMedick on Twitter.

Oh yeah, before I forget, don’t use the word Remote. Instead, use Distributed. Changing a word as simple as that also sets a different tone and mainframe for the distributed workforce future.

Enjoy 🤙 (PS – They’re All Clickable Links)

My Favorite Tools

Basecamp – Project Management and Team Communication / Collaboration Tool

Zoom – Video Conferencing

Dropbox – Cloud-Based File Storage and Document Sharing 

Dropbox Paper – Document collaboration


Remote Work Tips from Hubspot

A Guide to Conquering Remote Work Loneliness by Buffer

A Guide to Internal Communication by Jason Fried

How To Work From Anywhere, Get Things Done, and Stay Sane by Matthew Guay

A Guide To Remote Work by Web Summit

Group Chat: The Best Way To Stress Out Your Team by Jason Fried

The Presence Prison by Jason Fried


Distributed with Matt Mullenweg


How Basecamp Runs a 50+ Person Distributed Software Team

A Guide to Working Remote from Treehouse

A Beginners Guide to Zoom by Ferdy Korpershoek


Remote by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

The Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun


A Guide To Managing Remote Teams by KnowYourTeam