I’ve been doing it for startups -> $23mm ARR companies for my entire career. Now I’m pivoting my focus to companies like yours – the $0 to $15mm kind.

Are you looking for to grow? Or hell, maybe you want to stand the F out and dominate your category with a radical point of view?

I’ve spent my life in marketing, now let me take those skills and focus on your company.

Learn more about what I do below and how I can help. Let me know if you have any questions! (operating under ajm ventures, llc)

Growth Marketing & Hacking

Using rapid experimentation and proven frameworks to drive growth.

Category Design

Let’s escape the better trap, launch a radical POV, and capture leading demand.

Paid Media

Executing Instagram, FB, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Google ads to grow your business.

Email Marketing

Maintain a direct relationship with your customers, resulting in more clicks, shares, and sales.


On-Page, content, & backlink tactics to get you discovered search.

Funnel Design

Designing, Developing and executing inbound lead generation flows.

Expected Outcomes

  • Revenue Generation*
  • Lead Generation*
  • Operational Optimization (faster, leaner, better)

*Those are truly the only objectives that matter in marketing.

And if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t marketing, it’s arts and crafts.
– Christopher Lochhead

Who I’ve Worked With

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My rate is $125 per hour with a $2,500 per month minimum. Do you want to continue the conversation?
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