Hey, I’m Alex Medick. I’m a dad, entrepreneur, and 3x CMO based in Las Vegas, NV.

When I’m not living in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship, I’m usually hanging with my kids, reading books, listening to punk music, or plotting another surf trip.

To get the skinny on what I’m up to now, check out alexmedick.com/now.

Personal Life

I have 2 kids and 1 ex-wife. They’re all rad though. Zephyr is 7 and Harlow is 3. They are the best.

Work Path

2004 – 2006: ATD, LLC (founder)*

2010 – 2012: BlkHeart Group (co-founder)

2011-2013: Lambesis Studios (co-owner)

2011-2013: Modern Rebellion (co-owner)

2013-2015: Marz Consulting Group (jr. marketing consultant)

2015-2019: Precision Opinion, Inc (chief marketing officer)

2018-2020: TNS, LLC (freelance marketing consultant)

2020-2024: INSIDE.COM, INC. (president, chief marketing officer)

2022 – Now: Kuppy, LLC (co-owner, seed investor)

2024 – Now: AJM Ventures, LLC (founder, ceo)

*not sure if this one counts considering it was me selling skate boards and promoting local concerts when I was under 18, but hell, including it anyway.

Books I Love

Records That Rock

  • Love, Ire, and Song by Frank Turner
  • The Stooges by The Stooges
  • Too by FIDLAR
  • One More Time by BLINK 182
  • Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones
  • The Doors by The Doors
  • Don’t Believe The Truth by OASIS

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